Friday, 17 February 2012

The walls are covered in farm animals ...

There's nothing quite like stripping back walls and uncovering some vintage wall coverings from yesteryear .. This room has clearly spent much of it's lifetime being a children's bedroom (and still is), but I wonder what this pattern caused the little treasures to think they could "see" in the half-dark of night!

At first I found a man and a dog and an occasional stable ...

Then a "Julie Andrews" style shepherdess with a lonely lamb and a beautifully drawn tree ..

Then a (not so beautifully drawn) pony and trap

and then several churches! (sadly lurking somewhere behind the radiator, unable to be photographed)

It's hard to believe this "frenzied activity of country life" has been going on for decades  ... quietly going about its business under the later papered layers and layers ...

They just don't make wallpaper like they used to ....

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