Saturday, 20 December 2014

A New Bathroom at Last!

It's been 2 years  and for many reasons it's taken so long, but our bathroom is finally looking more like a luxury hotel bathroom than a disaster from "Homes under the Hammer".

This was our bathroom as few weeks ago before James, our friend the builder arrived!


to this ... of course there is still painting and finishing to do, but who would have thought we could fit in a shower AND  a bath!



As much as I love the fact that our loo has always obviously been in a "converted upstairs hallway" (as our Victorian house DID not have an inside loo (only a bathroom) when it was built .. I am loving the fact that this now feels more like one room just by removing a door and making an archway!)

Stay tuned for final pics after I've painted and finished!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Two new windows and a fabby new kitchen door!

Whilst appreciating how well made our old sashes must have been to last 114 years, the ones in the bathroom and upstairs loo have had to go! And apparently the frames were quite rotten underneath so probably not before time. Now we have large spaces all around the window until the new bathroom and toilet are fitted, but still lovin' how smart they look (and no painting required!)

New bathroom window

New Upstairs loo window

Very smart new doors in the kitchen, leading into the garden.

Loosing the silly little window above the door (see above) has really "opened up"
the feeling of space into the garden.

Monday, 23 June 2014

The new "reading corner"

It's been a while since blogging last! But it's all happening this year we promise ... Kitchens and bathrooms being sourced and planning underway for lots of progress - hopefully!

In the meantime, I finally got around to doing something with the uninspiring space where the old porch used to be ... I filled and put up some nice wall baskets, hung an outdoor clock, moved in a few flower and plant pots and a dark brown bench now turned blue! I Love this colour for outdoor furniture .. it's "Forget-me-not" by Cuprinol
which hopefully will make the bench last a few years as well as looking good .. I love the Cuprinol slogan "Cheer it up" .. it certainly did for this dark brown bench!

 I romantically envisage this will be "The Reading Corner" .. like I have any time for reading, there's renovating to be done!