Saturday, 24 October 2015

Dismal Damp Room transformed into Dazzling Dining Room!

It's taken us a few months to get round to taking some photos ... but here are some "Before and Afters" of our second renovated downstairs area ...

Our "Basement Room" had lain damp and unloved for 4 years .. a dumping ground for unwanted items!

Being right next to the new kitchen it was obvious that this room should eventually become the new dining room. It desperately needed a relocation from the floor above - carrying plates up and down for dinner parties was never much fun, especially after a few glasses of wine!


Lots of mould and flaking magnolia paint as well as
missing door frames and very dirty old carpet!


The room was lined with a polythene Damp Proof membrane on 3 sides which is held in place with metal battening on which plasterboard is affixed.

We also opened up the fireplace and added oak shelving, and removed the need for an awkward overhead  fuse board cupboard by building this wall in slightly all the way down.

Removing the door frames and doors,
as well as flooring with the same floating wooden floor throughout has made the
lower ground floor feel like "one space".

We used Dulux Gooseberry Fool 2 on the fireplace. The sage green colour complements
the wooden furniture and tones in the floor,


We had very bad mould on the lower part of the walls this end of the room, 
just due to the way the Victorians constructed their under ground rooms. 
Over time damp had been creeping in and hadn't been treated in a number of years.


With mould gone, the room feels inviting even though 3 sides of its walls are underground!

Painting the light well with some coats of bright white masonry paint,
as well as removing the door and frame, has also lifted the light level.

Looking through from the kitchen to the new dining room ...

A simple, relatively cheap way to open up a space is to remove doors and frames. 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dated to Dazzling!

The downstairs floor (Kitchen, new dining room and downstairs hall and loo) is nearly all painted and finally got round to posting some proper "before and afters"!

BEFORE - the old wall was cutting the kitchen in half and stopping
it from realising its true potential!

AFTER - Bright, airy and bigger with a central island around which life seems to centre!


BEFORE - the cupboard against the door and table made the kitchen entrance uncomfortably cramped.

AFTER - Removing the door and door frame and adding rounded corner units to the entrance all open up the space and help create a walk through to the new dining room next door.


BEFORE - the old wall and the window into the stairwell forced the dark units to encroach into the room.

AFTER - By removing the wall and blocking in the window into the stairwell, all the units are now against the outer walls of the kitchen and it all feels so much bigger!


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Now for the paintbrush and roller!

All the units are now in, including our sexy solid oak island (which no one is EVER allowed to use and certainly NOT small children wielding crayons or markers!)

So far it's exceeding expectations, we're thrilled!

We love the tiles too, and Laura thinks they look like blocks of white chocolate so we're all happy!!

Now to decide what to put where .... decisions decisions ...

Here is a sneaky peak below ... (still bits to do the other end of the room, so stay tuned for that)

There is a bit of finishing to do, and then it's painting time .. thinking of a light sage green or heritage green colour paint, or maybe the Downton Abbey Amber Grey mentioned here!

Something like this colour maybe?

It's all about going back to our Victorian roots!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kitchen renovation well underway!

It's been a messy few weeks! 
The old kitchen dated from the late 1980s/early 1990s (we think) and was long past its sell by date! Here are some "before" and "in progress" photos:


Here you can see that the non-retaining brick wall (part of the old loo which was accessed from the outside in Victorian times) has been removed and in the picture below the end of the old shower wall with its black and white tiles is still visible as they hadn't taken it out yet (anyone for a shower while cooking!)

During, a bit later on! And now some new units are going in!

So with the removal of the non-retaining wall, this silly alcove below has gone!

 Before :


All the lovely red units have gone! And behind the non retaining brick wall and shower, the archway to the downstairs loo has now been bricked up. 

The Shower wall is in process of being removed in the pic below:

During, a bit later on! and more lovely new units going in ...


During:More units gone and tiles being removed:


During: And yet more units and tiles off! Great Fun!

  During, a bit later on! And more lovely new units going in ...  

And finally below is a view of our blocked up "strange window"
into the kitchen looking from the other side.
Although this odd window did lend some light to the hallway, we decided it had to go as it was forcing us into strange kitchen unit layout decisions!

The kids will miss the window though, they loved looking through it at whoever was in the kitchen!

  Stay tuned for the final result - See the design from Howdens!